Your eternal stories



Install the app, and create your Piquoti account.


Capture a photo or video and personalize it!


Share it eternally in your Story of the Day...


...or in the event you're attending!

Your memories are precious, immortalize them!

Capture the moment

Piquoti opens directly on the camera, allowing you to film, photograph or import from your gallery what you experience in a few seconds.

Express your creativity

Write an anecdote, draw with a brush, reveal your mood with the GIFs or add the date and time to personalize your story.

Stories of the day and common stories

Publish photos and videos from your daily life in your Story of the Day in one click. You can also choose to publish your story in the common story of any event you're attending to show where you are, what you're doing and gain visibility!

Create the common story of your event

The event you're attending doesn't exist yet? Create it! All the participants will be able to publish their photos and videos in its common story, to form the giant and eternal showcase of your event.

Your eternal stories

Our promise? To make your stories eternal. On Piquoti, you can always re-watch your photos and videos of a wedding, a concert, your last holidays or those of your favourite influencers!

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